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About Us

The Manual Medicine Association was established in 2009 under founding presidency of Professor Doctor Cihan Aksoy. Manual Medicine Association, which aims to contribute to the development of manual medicine in our country, aims to increase awareness in this field and to support research and educational activities in this field.

"Osteopathy" and "Chiropractic", which are two different disciplines of manual medicine, are included in the “Regulations on Traditional and Complementary Medicine” manifest which was published in Turkey last year. The fact that manual medicine does not use any pharmacological medicination in the treatment of diseases is important in terms of cost-effectivity. In our country where rational drug use campaigns are frequently made, the importance of manual medicine is once again revealed.

In the International Federation of Manual / Musculoskeletal Medicine (FIMM) our country is represented by the Manual Medicine Association. All medical fields that are interested in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders should be aware of manual medicine practices.

Manual medicine, which is a very old medical field, may be misused in a way that threatens the health of patients in the hands of untrained people. For this reason, the Manual Medicine Association aims to overcome the shortcomings in this area.



    Dear Member of the Association;
    As a result of the elections held at the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Manual Medical Association;

    Executive Board;
    1. Cihan Aksoy
    2. Demirhan Dıraçoğlu
    3. Mustafa Yelkovan
    4. Nalan Çapan
    5. Elif Gürkan

    Audit Board;
    1. Kerem Alptekin
    2. Nalan Şen
    3. Cem Cihan

    They were selected.
    With good wishes.

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