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What Is Manual Medicine?

Manual Medicine; it is a science of medicine that investigates and explains the methods, indications, contraindications, application techniques and the effects of manual methods. The purpose of manual medicine is the optimization of body mechanics to provide painless and maximal movement and function in a suitable posture. For this purpose, manual examination techniques should be used to determine the pathology causing dysfunction and the resulting chain reactions and the most appropriate manual therapy should be applied to the location and direction of the determined dysfunction, accordingly.

Manual therapy means treatment with hands. In a more detailed description; it is a mechanotherapy method using only hands in order to correct the limitation of movement in the joints and to eliminate the reversible dysfunctions. Manual therapy and manipulation have different meanings, although they can often be used synonymously. Manipulation is just one of the manual therapy methods. Forced passive movements within the anatomical boundaries of articular elements by a manual therapist can be defined as manipulation.



    Dear Member of the Association;
    As a result of the elections held at the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Manual Medical Association;

    Executive Board;
    1. Cihan Aksoy
    2. Demirhan Dıraçoğlu
    3. Mustafa Yelkovan
    4. Nalan Çapan
    5. Elif Gürkan

    Audit Board;
    1. Kerem Alptekin
    2. Nalan Şen
    3. Cem Cihan

    They were selected.
    With good wishes.

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